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The Picasso Project

In 2007, The Picasso Project was born as multiple art exhibits and a play, Picasso Becomes You, conceived and written by Jenny Rogers. With her students at the Saginaw Arts and Sciences Academy, Rogers produced this live-art production and play, collaborating with the Saginaw Art Museum. Students transformed works of art onto people who became live art models and replicated Picasso's synthetic cubist pieces, posters, and other works of art. The original cast raised funds to restore and frame WWI posters owned by the Saginaw Art Museum. The following year, the production was done again, this time at the Saginaw Art Museum. Participating students once again raised funds to restore and frame the WWI posters. Altogether, four pieces were restored. The museum followed this progress by restoring the entire collection of posters, making an impressive exhibit.

The production grew and traveled to Port Huron, Michigan in 2011 and 2013. Picasso Becomes You blossomed into a large scale event, The Picasso Project, boasting over 22 exhibits spanning Picasso's entire career, a Peace Project (the first Peace Project was exhibited at Art Prize in Grand Rapids, Michigan), collaborations with elementary and secondary schools across the region as well as local colleges, businesses and organizations.

The Dow character created in Port Huron, modeled after architect Alden Dow, will be seen in upcoming projects with Art for Good and The KidSAKE Foundation as legacy is explored thematically with students across Michigan.

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Picasso Project, 1st Year Glasses of Absinthe with Connie Podleski
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Picasso 1st year Sylvette with Caro
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2012 Port Huron, graduation, & New York 604
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2012 Port Huron, graduation, _ New York 439
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Picasso Project Blue Glass
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